Zeus and Apollo Reborn!; More Info About Our Special NFTs

We are happy to announce that the Zeus and Apollo kGeysers have been re-launched.

Zeus and Apollo Program Rewards Review

  • Zeus: Rewards kMPL to AMPL/ETH liquidity providers
    • After 14 days, stakers receive 5x kMPL rewards
  • Apollo: Rewards kMPL to kMPL/ETH liquidity providers
    • After 30 days, stakers receive 3x kMPL rewards
      • Note: We are looking into the Apollo APY display issue we’re experiencing currently

To participate in Zeus and Apollo, please click the button below. (You’ll want to get in early. See below for why).

Buy kMPL and Add Liquidity

About Those Extra Special NFTs for Early Zeus and Apollo Participants …

Yesterday we announced that we’re developing custom-designed NFTs that will identify you as a kGeyser pioneer and deliver special rewards to holders in the future.

We’ll have more to say about these NFTs later this week (our artists are burning the midnight oil to finish them).

But today, we can reveal that only the first few hundred (i.e., less than 300) early Zeus and Apollo kGeyser participants will be eligible to receive these NFTs.

Make sure you have the opportunity to grab one of these NFTs. Start staking in the Zeus and Apollo kGeysers as soon as you can.

We’ll release an announcement about the NFTs later this week.

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