Update: Zeus and Apollo NFT Claim Tokens Airdropped; kGeyser kMPL Distribution Programs Nearly Complete

As discussed in our previous announcement, Zeus and Apollo NFT claim tokens have been airdropped to:

Click here to review a list of unique wallets that received the Zeus/Apollo claim token airdrop.

How Can the NFTs Be Used?

Community members will be able to stake the Zeus and Apollo NFTs into Pioneer Fund Vault I. A percentage of AMPL deposited into this vault will be sold during positive Ampleforth rebases for ETH. Stakers will receive ongoing ETH rewards from the vault. For more information about Pioneer Fund I, click here. Pioneer Fund I is not yet available for staking.

The kGeyser kMPL Distribution Program is Largely Complete

We’d like to thank all community members who participated in the Zeus and Apollo kGeyser program, which is now largely complete (most of the kMPL deposited into the kGeysers is available/has been claimed by the community).

kMPL and kMPL/ETH LP tokens (and Zeus/Apollo NFTs), staked in our upcoming Pioneer Vaults, will be eligible to receive ongoing token rewards in the future. Stay tuned for an announcement about the launch of the Pioneer Fund.

What’s Next?

We are completing work on our first elastic vault. As outlined previously, the goal of the vault is to provide Ample holders with an opportunity to generate yield on their Ample—and hedge against negative rebases.

For a preview of the elastic vault strategy, please click here.

For an overview of Pioneer Fund community rewards (for kMPL and kMPL/ETH LP token stakers), associated with the elastic vault, click here.

Elastic Vault Status and Marketing

The elastic vault is currently nearing the audit stage. Once the elastic vault smart contract is under audit, we will launch a marketing campaign focused on raising awareness of the vault and its benefits and preparing the community for launch.

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