Update: Vision Votes Are Coming; Show Your Support for ACCP-003 (Related to the kMPL/AMPL Uniswap Pair)

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been hard at work implementing the first activities on the AmpleSense DAO roadmap and have achieved much, including:

  • Launching the Zeus kGeyser, which has attracted about $1 million in liquidity to date.
  • Conducted a successful community discussion and vote which resulted in the selection of Ample as the kMPL token pairing in the Apollo kGeyser. More than 2 million Ample was used during the vote on AmpleSense Progress Proposal 001, and 100+ community members participated in our signaling poll. This illustrates how the community is clearly engaged and supportive of the DAO’s mission.
    • Alert: We need your help for an additional step required to activate trading on Uniswap: Support for ACCP-003. Read on for more information.

Vision Votes Are Coming

Now that the DAO’s opening act has concluded, it’s time to move to the next stage: Vision Votes. As outlined in the DAO’s governance documentation, Vision Votes are a method we will use to gather input and approval from the community on the key areas of focus for the DAO during Q1 – Q2 2021.

The Vision Votes process will outline the DAO’s priorities and provide community approval for DAO leadership to undertake certain activities to achieve these goals during H1 2021 (i.e., creating “elastic vaults” featuring Ample and delivering token rewards to kMPL holders, similar to YFI yearn vaults.)

The Vision Votes process will occur in two stages:

  • Stage 1: A post will be published to the Idea Incubator with a presentation we have developed outlining the DAO’s vision for H1 2021 (screen shot of the presentation’s cover page is below).
  • Stage 2: We will publish an AmpleSense Progress Proposal and the community will be asked to ratify the vision (using AMPL and kMPL to vote) over a three-day period.
Vision Presentation Cover

Show Your Support for ACCP-003 (and Activating Ampleforth Team Support for the kMPL/AMPL Uniswap Pair)

With the launch of the Apollo kGeyser, which incentivizes kMPL/AMPL liquidity, the community has been eager to begin trading.

We’ve learned that one requirement for kMPL/AMPL trading to be initiated on Uniswap, is active support for the pair from the Ampleforth team. This is because Uniswap does not properly account for changes in Ample supply. As this article outlines:

“[A]ccounting can get out-of-sync with the actual AMPL balances when a rebase happens. [Uniswap] require[s] notification to re-read the underlying AMPL balance and update their internal accounting numbers [for the kMPL/AMPL pair].”

To secure official Ampleforth support for the Uniswap kMPL/AMPL pair, we have developed ACCP-003.

Now we need the community to post statements in support for ACCP-003 so that Ampleforth can begin actively supporting the kMPL/AMPL Uniswap pool.

Note: the AmpleSense team has put a temporary solution in place to update the AMPL balance in the kMPL/AMPL pool while we wait for support from the Ampleforth team to be activated.

Click the button below to leave a comment on ACCP-003 showing your enthusiastic support for the implementation of active Ampleforth support for the AMPL/kMPL Uniswap pool.

Note: The AmpleSense team is also in communication with Uniswap about the kMPL/AMPL pair.

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