Update: Getting Ready for the Elastic Vault Launch

EEFI.Finance: Elastic Vault Dashboard (On Testnet)

We are pleased to provide the community with an update re: progress on our key H1 2021 priority: Launching the AmpleSense DAO’s elastic vault platform.

As outlined previously, the goal of the elastic vault is to provide Ample holders with an opportunity to generate yield on their Ample—and hedge against negative rebases. (For a preview of the elastic vault strategy, please see the image below, or click here.)

Elastic Vault Strategy Preview

We are currently completing testing and UX/UI edits on the elastic vault platform, which will be housed at EEFI.Finance (a redacted image of the platform’s vault summary page appears above). The next step will be to audit the elastic vault smart contracts and prepare for launch.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect while we move into the audit phase.

Private Beta Test

We would like to conduct a private beta test with a few, especially dedicated and engaged community members to iron out any user experience issues with the platform while the smart contracts are under audit.

If you would like to sign up for the private beta, please fill out this form.

Prepare for the Airdrop

Prior to the launch, a percentage of the initial circulating supply of the elastic vault reward token will be airdropped to kMPL holders.

To be eligible for the airdrop you will have make sure your kMPL tokens are staked in our Pioneer Fund Vault II (which will be available on eefi.finance) on the airdrop date.

Important Notes

1. Individuals holding kMPL in their wallets, will not receive the airdrop. Only those staking kMPL in Pioneer Fund Vault II will receive airdropped tokens. (You have been warned.)

2. The tokens will be distributed to stakers based on the amount of kMPL they have staked in the Pioneer Fund II vault. For example if your stake represents 2% of the staked pool you’ll receive 2% of the airdropped tokens.

3. After the initial airdrop, kMPL stakers will receive ongoing token rewards from the elastic vault.

Get Ready to Help Us Spread the Word

We’ll need your help to spread word about the elastic vault before launch. We’ll be holding a few Twitter contests where individuals who re-tweet our upcoming elastic vault infographics, short videos and rewards calculator will be eligible to win Zeus or Apollo kGeyser Pioneer NFTs.

You’ll be able to stake these NFTs in Pioneer Fund vault I for ongoing ETH rewards (click here for details).

Wen Launch?

Our launch is dependent on a few factors:

  1. The time it takes to complete our internal tests
  2. The smart contract audit timing

Given the uncertainty associated with both of these tasks, we can’t provide a specific launch time frame, but we’re working hard to release the elastic vault and Pioneer Fund as quickly as possible.

Don’t Miss the Launch

Register for the Community Hub to receive our emails or join our community on Telegram.

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  1. Lucky to be part of the ISO ample. Have been waiting for this kind of project for ample loyal supporters & holders/stakers. GREAT WORK, KEEP IT UP!

  2. For the airdrop the kmpl/eth pair should be staked in Pioneer Fund Vault II that is not available yet, am I right?
    Thank you

    1. No for the airdrop you’ll need to stake kmPL in the Pioneer Fund II vault.

      Yes, that vault has not been launched yet.