Ampleforth Educational Videos You Can’t Afford to Miss

Ampleforth is a complex protocol, and people first learning about it are often confused about terms such as “rebase” and “volume weighted average price.”

Over the last few months a few different videos have been published that provide Ample newcomers and veterans alike with more understanding and insight about the protocol.

Here are three videos we highly recommend.

#1 Finematics: How Does Ampleforth Work?

The team at Finemmatics has developed an excellent series of DeFi educational videos. This video, published in July, provides a good overview of Ample’s mechanics and use cases.

#2 CoinBureau: WOW! Could This Token CHANGE DEFI?!?

CoinBureau is well-known for its in-depth, no frills analysis of cryptocurrency projects. This video, also published in July 2020, provides newcomers with a sense of Ampleforth’s potential in the DeFi space and a nuanced overview of the protocol’s dynamics and impact.

#3: Stablecoins Are Killing It #14 – Featuring Ampleforth

This video features Evan Kuo and Brandon IIes of the Ampleforth team talking why Ampleforth is not a stablecoin, and outlining key use cases for the currency in the present and future. People are often curious about both of these topics and this video, published in September 2020, provides an overview of the key issues.

#3: Why I Invested in Ampleforth

This is a simple, brief Ample primer from an investors’ perspective.

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