The Pioneer Fund: A Community Rewards Program

The Pioneer Fund delivers token rewards to community members powering the AmpleSense DAO’s mission.


Pioneer Fund Rewards Program Summary

The AmpleSense DAO’s Pioneer Fund will deliver token rewards to community members helping to power the DAO’s mission by providing liquidity, participating in governance and engaging in other activities.

There are two parts to the program: Pioneer Fund I and Pioneer Fund II.

Pioneer Fund I is designed to provide ongoing rewards to individuals providing early liquidity for the kMPL governance token (by participating in the DAO’s Zeus and Apollo kGeysers).

The DAO has developed custom-designed NFTs: the Zeus and Apollo kGeyser Pioneer tokens. These NFTs will be airdropped to a randomly selected group of early kGeyser program participants. Holders can stake these NFTs into the Pioneer Fund I vault to receive rewards.

Pioneer Fund II is similar to governance vaults developed by other DAOs (such as Yearn Finance).

kMPL holders will be able to stake their tokens into the Pioneer Fund II vault and receive rewards from DAO supported initiatives.

The Pioneer Fund is summarized in the graphic below (click to view larger size).
Pioneer Fund Overview

Pioneer Fund I: Ongoing Rewards for Early kGeyser Liquidity Program Participants

Introducing the Zeus and Apollo kGeyser Pioneer NFTs

We are pleased to introduce the kGeyser Pioneer Zeus and Apollo NFTs (above). Featuring custom-developed art, these NFTs will be airdropped to a random selection of early kGeyser particpants. Holders can stake these NFTs into the Pioneer Fund I vault for rewards.

kGeyser Pioneer NFT Supply Overview

A portion of the kGeyser Pioneer NFT supply will be reserved for DAO founders and for future incentive programs/marketing.

kGeyser Pioneer NFT Distribution

The kGeyser Pioneer NFTs will be airdropped to a random selection of kGeyser liquidity program participants in the following phases:

  • Phase Ia Airdrop Launch Target: Zeus NFT airdrop will be scheduled after 100+ individuals stake in the Zeus kGeyser
  • Phase Ib Airdrop Launch Target: Apollo NFT airdrop will occur after 200 unique wallets stake in the Apollo kGeyser
  • Phase II Airdrop Launch Target: The second NFT airdrop will be scheduled when kMPL/ETH Uniswap liquidity reaches $1 million+ USD

See the table below for details about how kGeyser participants will be randomly selected to receive Pioneer NFTs.

Pioneer Fund I Rewards Distribution Overview

See the infographic below for information about how Pioneer Fund I rewards will be distributed (click to enlarge).

Pioneer Fund I Airdrop Launch Tracker

We have developed a tracker with data on:

  • Current Zeus and Apollo Stakers: First NFT airdrop will be launched after there are 100 Zeus stakers and 200 Apollo stakers
  • kMPL/ETH Liquidity: Second NFT airdrop will be launched after there is $1 million+ in the liquidity pool.

The tracker is below.

  • The NFT Tier Threshold table shows how many stakers are in each tier. As indicated in this table, individuals providing more liquidity have a higher chance of receiving an NFT
  • The stakers tables shows unique wallets and how long they have staked in the Apollo and Zeus kGeysers

Pioneer Fund II: Rewards for kMPL Holders

The Pioneer II Fund will provide rewards to kMPL holders who stake in the fund vault.  The vault will be funded with fee income from DAO-funded initiatives, airdrops (provided to stakers participating in DAO votes), and other sources.

  • 80% of token rewards deposited into the Pioneer II vault will be allocated to kMPL holders
  • 15% of token rewards will be exchanged for AMPL and deposited into Pioneer Fund I
  • 5% of rewards are reserved for the DAO’s Treasury

Pioneer Fund II Launch Time Frame

We anticipate the DAO will launch the Pioneer II Fund in Q1 2021.

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