The AmpleSense DAO is Born

This is an excerpt from a Medium post published in late August announcing the birth of the AmpleSense DAO.

We are pleased to introduce the AmpleSense Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

In just a matter of weeks, the Ampleforth project has experienced significant growth. As the community has grown, it has begun to experience some unique challenges:

  • Communication: Ampleforth, the first elastic finance asset, has a very simple design, but its impacts are complex and difficult for the average cryptocurrency investor and user to understand. There is a need for sustained, clear and engaging communication about the protocol that helps to educate, inform and grow the community.
  • Utility: The core Ampleforth developers have been working to create deep liquidity for the token across decentralized and centralized exchanges. This liquidity is necessary for use cases such as lending, borrowing and trading to occur, but it is only the first step.

There are many other types of products and services that can be built on top of the Ampleforth protocol that the community needs, but the market (and the core team) may be unwilling or unable to deliver.

What Are the Goals of the AmpleSense DAO?

The primary goal of the AmpleSense DAO is to accelerate the development of the Ampleforth ecosystem, specifically use cases for the token (commerce, lending, etc.).The DAO is also focused on helping to implement marketing and communication campaigns that help grow the global Ampleforth community.

Read the rest of the announcement post on Medium here.

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