The AmpleSense Community Hub: Looking Back and the Journey Ahead

Why create a community hub? And, a few words about the road ahead.

A few weeks ago, a group of four community members came together to answer a difficult question: How could we harness the amazing energy and enthusiasm of the Ampleforth community to help Ample achieve its maximum potential and impact?

The idea for the AmpleSense DAO came quickly. What took longer to decide was what form the DAO would take.

DAOs have been around for a few years in crypto, but they are not a settled art. People are continually experimenting and striving to make them more effective.

We ultimately decided to develop an organization that has a core leadership team: the four DAO Founders and DAO Members. This group then solicits advice, input and guidance from the community about its most important needs and wants.

But how to efficiently manage the process of educating the community, gathering feedback and turning input into products, services and tools that benefit Ample?

After some thought, we decided that existing community gathering spots such as Reddit, Telegram and Discord would not be enough. We needed a special, central space where the Ampleforth community could:

  • Gather
  • Remember (yes it’s hard to search and archive content on other platforms)
  • Make collective decisions that we (and others) can review, reflect on and learn from later

The goals of the AmpleSense community hub are simple:

  • Create a global gathering spot for Ampleforth fans, supporters, investors, core development team members and others: This community hub is organized like social networks such as Facebook. Anyone can use it to create groups of like-minded people, plan projects, share knowledge and more.
  • Provide the Ampleforth community with organized ways to shape the DAO’s goals, priorities and funded projects: The community forum is the heart and soul of the AmpleSense DAO. It will play a vital role in gathering feedback, organizing community votes, driving DAO activities and more

Of course, as with any community there are rules. Most importantly:

  • Treat others with respect: The cryptocurrency market fuels fierce emotions — amazing highs, and devastating lows. Here, we expect people to harness their fear, euphoria, anger, giddiness and other feelings into energy that can be used to drive the Ampleforth protocol forward.
  • Use the tools available to you: Explore the AmpleSense community hub and experiment with groups, engage in the forums, help answer others’ questions and more. The hub is a community resource and commons. Please use it to its fullest potential.
  • Come with ideas: The AmpleSense DAO is a tool the community can use to solve its most critical pain points and drive innovation faster. Help us by sharing your ideas, thoughts, aspirations, dreams and anxieties. A simple idea can turn into a powerful use case for Ample that drives it to new heights of success

Thanks for joining us. Here’s to the journey ahead.

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