Required Idea Submission Format

Below is the required format for idea submissions. All ideas need to be in this format to the community and DAO leadership to properly evaluate them.

You can copy these categories into a separate document, write your submission and paste it into the Idea Incubator interface.

Required Idea Submission Format

Idea Title: The title of your idea should be in the form of a question.

Example: “Should the DAO support Reliance Labs’ work to develop an elastic lending protocol featuring Ample?”

Idea summary: 1-2 paragraphs describing your idea and providing context.

Example: “Currently, there are few protocols integrating the Ample token for use cases outside of liquidity mining. Reliance Labs is an established blockchain development company with extensive experience creating products and services on Ethereum.

Reliance Labs would like to develop a lending platform featuring Ample as collateral. The platform would have the following features …”

Idea implementation/execution: Help us understand why your idea would be feasible and how it would be executed

Example: “This lending protocol would be developed using standard smart contract ….”

Budget/cost: How much would the idea cost to develop.

Example: “Approximately $15,000 for smart contract and web development audits and testing.”

Examples of similar ideas: Help us understand how your idea would come to life. If possible, provide examples of similar ideas already on the market.

Example: “There are currently no lending products featuring Ample”

Idea Timeline: How long would it take for the idea to be executed?

Example: “2 months.”

Including Documents in Your Submission

You can include documents in your idea submission by:

  • Visiting the Documents page and uploading a document
  • Copying the download link and pasting it into your submission,
    as shown in the image below.