Phase Ia of the Zeus kGeyser Pioneer NFT Distribution is Now Live

Find out if you have been awarded a Zeus kGeyser Pioneer NFT and how to mint them below. (Click here to review the list of winning wallets.)

As announced previously, the Pioneer Fund is an initiative launched by the AmpleSense DAO to deliver token rewards to community members helping to power the DAO’s mission.

As part of this initiative, we introduced the kGeyser Pioneer Zeus and Apollo NFTs. Holders of these NFTs will be able to stake them into the upcoming Pioneer Fund I vault, and receive ETH rewards. These rewards will be created by selling a portion of Ample in the Fund generated during positive rebases for ETH.

Our original plan was to conduct an airdrop of the Zeus and Apollo NFTs after we reached 100 unique wallets staked in the Zeus kGeyser and 200 in Apollo. However, we reached the goal of 100 Zeus kGeyser unique wallets on December 13 at 19:00 UTC 2020. Because of this we decided to begin Phase I(a) of the NFT distribution process.

How to Claim and Mint Zeus NFTs

  1. NFT claim token airdrop: We have created a token that can be used to claim and mint Zeus NFTs. The token was air dropped on Saturday, January 23, 2021 to a random selection of unique wallets participating in the the Zeus kGeyser from its launch to December 13, 2020, 19:00 UTC (when 100 wallets were staked in the Zeus kGeyser).

    # Click here to see if your wallet was selected for the airdrop.

  2. NFT minting: We have launched a dapp claim token holders can use to mint their Zeus kGeyser NFT. These tokens will be burned upon claiming and the Zeus kGeyser Pioneer NFT will be deposited into the claimer’s wallet. You will be able to view your new Zeus NFT(s) on OpenSea.

    # Click here to visit the NFT minting dapp.

Selection Process Overview

As outlined here, unique wallets are randomly selected to receive Zeus NFTs based on two factors:

  1. Amount of liquidity provided
  2. Total time wallets spent staking (i.e., unique wallets staking for longer periods of time are more likely to be selected to receive NFTs)

We have developed an automated script that was used to select the 25 unique wallets eligible to receive the Phase Ia claim token airdrop. Wallets were selected based on which cohort they were in, as outlined in the table on this page. Each wallet also received a score representing the total amount of time it staked in the contract, which impacted its odds of selection.

View the wallet selection script we developed for the Phase Ia Zeus NFT distribution by clicking here.

This script will be used to to select winning unique wallets for future phases of the NFT awarding process.

Future Airdrops


  1. The Apollo NFT claim token airdrop (Phase Ib) will take place after 200 unique wallets have staked to the Apollo kGeyser
  2. The remaining Zeus and Apollo NFT claim tokens will be airdropped when liquidity in the Apollo kGeyser reaches $1 million+ (it is possible that Phase II of the airdrop will occur before Phase Ib is complete.)

Click here for an overview of the NFT distribution process.

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  1. So not all Wallets staking have been rewarded?! I was under the impression that this will be the case.

    1. No. We never said all staked wallets would receive NFTs. The selection process was outlined in detail previously in the referenced post (Pioneer Fund basics). There will be three more NFT distributions.

  2. If I understood correctly people who got an NFT will be able to stake their NFT in a vault and be rewarded fees, correct ? Regarding the vault will there be other possibilities to stake there and do we know when it will be available ?

    1. The Pioneer Fund I vault will only accept Apollo and Zeus NFTs. The vault will be part of the platform we are developing focused on helping holders of AMPL (and potentially in the future other elastic assets) generate yield. We’re working on the platform now.

  3. Hi davoice321, I have claimed the Zeus kGeyser Pioneer NFT and can see it on open sea.
    Is there something I have to do next?
    Or is it waiting till you guys are ready with develloping the Pioneer Fund Vault 1?
    Thanks for your help.(I’m not that tech savy)

      1. Oke clear, thanks for your help davoice321.
        And keep up the good work, very exiting times ahead of us.

  4. The Zeus Geyser is supposed to be finished but there is still à bonus left of 2002.47 KMPL. I have not removed liquidity yet and my KMPL reward seems to diminish. Should we remove liquidity or should we keep it there ?

  5. Curious if there’s any update on the timeline for the Pioneer Fund I and Apollo NFT? Once all KMPL incentives have been distributed what will happen if Apollo doesn’t reach 200 participants (1B)? Will all Apollo NFTs go into Phase II, triggering their distribution with $1mil liquidity? Seems likely that will occur first? Thank you!

    1. Thanks. No update on timeline, but we wrote previously: “Zeus and Apollo NFT claim tokens will be airdropped when liquidity in the Apollo kGeyser reaches $1 million+ (it is possible that Phase II of the airdrop will occur before Phase Ib is complete.)”

      So we are prepared for this possibility. Thanks.

  6. @davoice321 one more KMPL Vault question. Seeing as the rewards have all distributed, is there any way to adjust the distribution of the bonuses for each vault? Most bonuses cost more in gas to trigger than the distributed KMPL. I see no reason to unstake at the moment but would we be better off collecting the KMPL and then adding back to LP? Thx much.

      1. Thank you @davoice321. Makes sense bonuses locked in place. For the purpose of Phases Ib and II (Ib being unlikely without rewards), in order to trigger Phase II anyone staked should remove their stake, collect their KMPL reward and restake the additional KMPL/ETH LP? Does that make sense? Thx again.

        1. staking additional kMPL/ETH might make sense. We do have some plans for additional rewards for kMPL/ETH holders, and that would help us get to Phase II. But it depends on whether it makes sense given current gas costs.

          1. Thank you, good point on gas. I appreciate talking thru these scenarios, love the potential uses for the issued Pioneer Fund NFTs and curious best community approach to reaching these goals.