New Educational Initiative Highlights the Power and Value of the Rebase

Introducing the Rebase Crew: DeFi super heroes who are helping to solve DeFI’s dire stablecoin-driven centralization crisis.

The rebase is one of DeFi’s most misunderstood (and hated) economic incentive mechanisms.

Yet, despite all the controversy and vitriol, the rebase has proven itself to be a powerful engine of economic and technological change in DeFi.

Today I’m pleased to announce a new, and unique educational campaign launched by the AmpleSense DAO that is focused on improving understanding of the rebase and its vital role in addressing a major threat to the ecosystem: stablecoin-fueled centralization and censorship.

We launched the campaign with a two-part thread posted on my Twitter account, “#DeFi’s Centralization Crisis and How the rebase Crew is Solving It.”

We have also launched a landing page and published an infographic focusing on the rebase and the threat to DeFi.

Read (and share) the two-part Twitter thread:

Download the Infographic: DeFi’s Dangerous Stablecoin Problem: And how the Rebase Crew is fixing it here:

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