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Self learner, very curious, like to know how the things work or are made & the why behind.

Implemented some complicated EAs strategy for forex in the past with limited knowledge in coding while working on a complete different domain. My project did not go through because at that time, 50K-100k for coding an EAs was too much! Has being involve with E-gold, before the FBI interrupt all of this pre-crypto era! Missed BTC at the begin. But got in the first smart contract HODLC commodity token & will surf it probably for ever!

Am involve in asymmetric potential project that you will hear from soon, no matter if you want to or not & is also linked to crypto.

Also have a crypto project on paper, that will probably use the Ample token, as a distribution tool or dividing mechanism or just as an asset.

In term of community role,
I will surely offer some idea in the future, in term of market/user acquisition. (like this one, that just came to my mind).

If we make an useful app wallet type++, to teach, test knowledge, and share app through Qr Code, encoded sms invitation and to follow kgeser stats & other Xgeser or dex protocol, + creating a KUgeser (Knowledgeable Users Geser) Theses Users could earn a very small part of stack of ample too for that, that would be calculated by the number of ample & eth they own in a pool, but also with the number of active referred user through the app as a new kind of multiplicator factor. (This could be a way, to make customer acquisition faster, because, both part are winning all the time).
Don’t ask me how to implement this in code! I cant! I let you figure it out! (We could make MF(Multiplication Factor) range, ref=reference;
1 to 5 ref =MF=0.10, 6 to 10 ref =MF=0.6, 11 to 15 ref =1.10, 16 to 20 ref =MF1.60, 21 to 25 ref =MF2.10
or incremental for each new user you add to the pool. With maximum level!

Developer(without coding ability, but many idea in mind, verified by head coder)
I like to say, am also a developer, but I guess in English, if you don’t code, you are maybe more an IT professional. (I don’t know).

Investor, for sure, more and more in the future.

Crypto enthusiast too, cause I tend to see how we could implement it everywhere all the time.
Hotel chain working 100% with crypto is on my list of idea to implement.
Decentralize the way the money is created, on my list too! I know how too!
I wish I get everything needed soon, to make all of this happen!

If you want to know more, don’t be shy! contact me!
My first language is French, so if I made mistake all the time, you will understand!

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