kGeyser Challenge Progress Update: 24 Hours and 40% to Our Goal

The AmpleSense Community has jumped right into the kGeyser Challenge, and we’re closer than ever to reaching our goal: opening the Zeus kGeyser liquidity mining program. But, we’ll need your help to reach our next milestone.

24 Hour Challenge: We Need 20 Members to Reach out to 10 Friends to Hit Our Next Milestone: 60% Complete

Yesterday (October 12), we launched the kGeyser Challenge, a community initiative to launch the Zeus and Apollo kMPL liquidity mining programs. We’ll be launching these kGeysers after the community works together to unlock four Achievements related to spreading the word, joining the Community Hub, earning the Educated Amplifier Badge and more.

Thanks to your efforts we’re currently about 40% toward our goal of unlocking all four Achievements. But we’ll need your help to reach our next milestone: 60% complete.

There’s one very simple thing you can do to help: Reach out to 10 of your friends and ask them to complete the Challenge. If 20 people reading this post did over the next 24 hours, and 50% of your contacts responded:

Can you commit to reaching out to 10 of your friends about the kGeyser Challenge today?

Here’s how to get started.

The faster we can unlock these Achievements, the faster we can announce the launch of the Zeus kGeyser (and start distributing kMPL to the community).

Complete Your Educated Amplifier Badge

Are You Missing Your Educated Amplifier Badge?

We’ve been blown away by the response to the AmpleSense Knowledge Quiz. We’ve even seen members sharing their quiz results on Twitter.

But there’s one problem: Many of you haven’t completed all the steps to earning your Educated Amplifier Badge.

Completing the process won’t take much time. Just click on the links to the Ampleforth Redbook and AmpleSense governance docs located here, and you’ll be all set (login first).

We need to award 100 Educated Amplfier badges for the kGeyser Challenge. Click here to complete the process and claim your badge!

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