Introducing the DataMetrics Hub: Track Rebases, Calculate ROI and More

Each day, members of the Ampleforth and elastic finance communities ask questions like:

  • What was the most recent Ampleforth rebase (and positive/negative/neutral rebases over time)?
  • What is Ampleforth’s current total supply?
  • How are other elastic finance assets performing?
  • What’s my ROI, based on when I purchased a share of the Ampleforth network?
  • Is there a portfolio tracker I can use to monitor Ample and the impact of the rebase on my asset?

It has been difficult to find answers to these questions in one place — until now.

The AmpleSense DAO founding team is proud to announce the DataMetrics Hub, a resource developed by the community, for the community. Here are some of the DataMetrics Hub’s key features.

Ampleforth Rebase Data

Monitor current and historical Ampleforth rebase activity and supply changes over time.

ROI and Supply Projections Calculator

Use this tool to view the ROI of your Ample investment, total Ampleforth network share, and estimate how your wallet balance could change as demand for Ample increases.

Live Ampleforth Price Data

View live Ampleforth current and historical price data.

Understand How Elastic Finance Assets Are Performing

Curious about how other elastic finance assets are performing? Track their price movements in real-time.

Crypto News Feed

Stay up-to-date on the latest crypto, DeFi and elastic finance headlines.

Personal Portfolio Tracker

Input data about your Ampleforth purchases and negative/positive rebases and get personalized performance metrics. The tracker supports 1000s of cryptocurrencies, giving you the ability to monitor and assess assets beyond Ample.

The DataMetrics Hub was developed exclusively for AmpleSense DAO Community Hub members. Click the button below to start using it today.

Not a Community Hub member? What are you waiting for? Click the button below to register for a free account and access the DataMetrics Hub today.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the awesome effort. For a dude that can’t code, this things are magic.
    The ROI calculator doesn’t seem to work for me. I input a qty (1000) and a date (last month) and the page refreshes and display another random example. Using Chrome on Windows, if that helps.
    Anyway good job! Im sure you will be able to make it work.

    1. Thanks! Yes, this is version 1 of the calculator, so we’ll be making improvements/changes over time.

      For now, you can click the refresh button a few times and your data should display.

      The calculator is using a shared backend resource for now, and that will be swapped out in the future.

      Thanks for taking advantage of the tools! More to come.