Important Update: EEFI Airdrop Distributed to kMPL Elastic Vault Stakers

As promised previously, we have distributed EEFI to individuals staking kMPL in the Elastic Vault. This is a major milestone for the DAO and we couldn’t have done this without the support of our community.

Important Next Steps

The Elastic Vault cannot officially launch until we have sufficient EEFI/ETH liquidity in the Balancer LP pool. Below are the steps you should take to provide liquidity.

Step 1 – Claim your EEFI: Click here to claim.

Step 2: Provide EEFI/ETH Liquidity: Important, please ensure you have ETH AND EEFI in your wallet for the best experience. Single sided LP staking is available, but not recommended given the small size of the pool. Provide EEFI/ETH Liquidity: Click here to get started.

Step 3: Deposit your EEFI/ETH LP Tokens for Rewards: After you receive your Balancer LP tokens, deposit them into the Elastic Vault so that you can receive EEFI and ETH rewards. Deposit Balancer LP Tokens Here: Deposit LP tokens here.

We will monitor EEFI/ETH liquidity and will officially launch the vault (have it start distributing EEFI or ETH rewards) after we have enough liquidity. We are looking for at least $100,000 in liquidity, but would like to see at least $350,000 in liquidity to reduce slippage and ensure efficient trading.

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