We have received more than 100 responses to our signaling survey focusing on which cryptos the community would be most interested in seeing paired with kMPL in the Apollo kGeyser. The results of this poll is below.

This poll is now closed. An AmpleSense Progress Proposal (APP-001) featuring the top three potential pairs is now open:

  • kMPL/ETH

To vote on APP-01, please click here. The Apollo kGeyser liquidity pool will be determined based on this vote.

The original idea submission (minus the poll, which is closed) is below.


With the successful launch of the Zeus kGeyser, we now turn our attention toward the Apollo kGeyser, which is designed to support liquidity for the KiloAmple (kMPL) token.

As a reminder kMPL is a multi-purpose asset developed by the AmpleSense DAO (similar in some respects to YFI) that will:

  • Help fuel DAO operations
  • Fund products, services and initiatives that will grow the Ampleforth and broader elastic finance ecosystem
  • Enable holders to shape the direction and priorities of the DAO via governance
  • Provide a range of benefits to kMPL holders, including the ability to earn token rewards from DAO-supported projects (such as lending, elastic vaults and other initiatives)

Click here to learn more about kMPL.

kMPL liquidity is important as it will enable the DAO to leverage the asset to drive the development of products and services featuring Ample, including a planned new lending platform that the community will be asked to consider soon.

The Apollo kGeyser will provide liquidity providers with kMPL rewards. The liquidity pool will be hosted on Uniswap v2. However, the token that will be paired with kMPL will be determined by a community vote.


  1. Vote in the poll below to tell us which token you MOST prefer be paired with kMPL in the Apollo kGeyser.
  2. Provide any comments about the pros and cons of various kMPL pairings in the comments section below.


  • Idea discussion and initial voting (poll below): November 9 – 11
  • AmpleSense Progress Proposal Published: November 12-13 (featuring popular pairings selected by the community)
  • AmpleSense Progress Proposal Vote (Using kMPL and AMPL via the community voting dapp): November 12/13 – 15/16
  • Uniswap liquidity pool launch (featuring the winning kMPL pair); Apollo kGeyser Launch: November 16 or 17
Edited question

I realize kMPL/AMPL may be a frontrunner in the polling, but one major thing to consider will be the challenge over at Uniswap that has yet to be addressed for any pairs not tied directly to the primary 6 tokens (WETH, DAI, USDC, USDT, COMP, MKR). Ultimately, trading routes back to those 6 and there are “vampire” arbitraguers out there draining value from pools based on this trade routing. I would hate to see Uniswap’s AMPL/kMPL pair drain away value from this project! This issue was raised a month+ ago at this point but i haven’t seen any major updates lately on the topic. I’m no expert, just raising a concern.

First of all, do we have any expected pattern for the kMPL price? (e.g. will be quite stable, move along with AMPL, or the opposite considering the Geyser double the rewards in negative rebases). Considering that I would vote for pair it with the most similar pattern token in order to avoid the impermanent loss of the pair. I believe that If the objective of this Geyser will be to give kAMPL liquidity we should look to maximize incentives from potential investors’ perspective.

It’s hard to say what the price movement pattern will be. kMPL is a standard ERC20 token, the kGeyser rewards may have some impact, but it’s hard to say at this point.

Here’s what @amplomni was referring to:

[Uniswap] limits itself to pairs tied to six particular tokens: WETH, DAI, USDC, USDT, COMP and MKR.

More information here: https://medium.com/dfohub/a-black-hole-in-uniswap-v2s-front-end-router-is-draining-the-value-of-tokens-26f5a459b5d7

Yes read about this issue some time ago, as far as I can say… In a perfect world ampl pair would be the way to go. But right now it wouldn’t be a smart move.