Idea Summary

Seeing many FUD in some bigger AMPL channels on Telegram, and other sensible members telling them, your market share of AMPL just don’t change the mindset of Fudders, be it intentional fudders who don’t understand how it works, or serious newbies that come in and hodl, not understanding how negative rebases affect them.

It will be easier to explain to them, or get people curious about the ‘weight of their bags’, especially during bad times. So instead of them going panic mode when they see their number of AMPL going lesser after each rebase, a weightage % of their current market share might encourage users to accumulate more, or even encourage them not to give up the current market share.


Not sure if we should create a wallet Dapp specifically for AMPL holders. But if we do so, it might be good to support staking on other pools that are popular with decent audits done on the smart contracts. Aside from that, the main dashboard will show analytics of AMPL hodler, such as their AMPL tokens over a period of time, their % of market share difference, usual questions asked by some amplers, such as current/total supplies, market cap, a much needed chart of current marketcap and current supply. We might want to add potential AMPL releases from the contract to the seed investors, or upcoming rewards program, so that users can foresee a increase in current supply in the near future.


Development of the Dapp will be the main expense for this. A decent UI will be helpful. Alternatively, to allow higher adoption in future, catering to ‘lazy’ users who finds dapp interaction using metamask is too complicated, we might want to come up with something else that encourages that. Interaction and referral of app will be encouraged, but let’s leave it for future development when we get this started first.


I don’t think I can bring up a relevant example. But a good way to envision this would be an interactive frontend block explorer that provides dashboard statistics to each holder.

Idea timeline

I’m sure with a few seasoned dapp devs, and a decent frontend, it can be done relatively fast, possibly in a week or 2 if we’re just creating a dapp and a site that allows web3 interactions. Might want to customise it when shown in a mobile browser like Imtoken.

neowenyuan Unselected an answer September 16, 2020