Should we add a documentation or FAQ page on Amplesense DAO? Sort of like a Ample Wikipedia.

  1. Any registered member can contribute to add information in the documentation/FAQ page.
  2. You may contribute one question at once on the FAQ, need not to be a whole blog post. If one person contributes one question, we can get a lot.
  3. After submitting a a new documentation or a change, Ampler Financer or Ample Engineer with a certain rank can review and approve the changes.
  4. The documentation/FAQ should have a keyword search function, date search function (For exp: if you search for Geyser keyword, might appear results from different months, may need a “sort by latest” button) and category search function (For Example: “Rebase”, “Geyser”)
  5. For every page in the documentation/or every single answer & question in the FAQ, there is a  “share” button beside which can generate a link for quick sharing in Telegram or Discord.
  6. Members are encouraged to add information continuously to the documentation/FAQ. Earn an amount of coin/gem for submitting. Earns new title by submitting a certain amount of changes (similar how people got Grandmaster in Notebook on Kaggle.com)
  7. New member can earn coins by visiting or reading the FAQ/documentation. (Educating new members)

Cost: Manpower cost to create a new page. Maybe around 200-300 usd?

Time: Might need to create new db. Add some new functions. I think within 1 week.

Similar product: Kaggle or any forum

Reason for coming up such idea:

This idea was previously discussed in one of the conversation in telegram, I believe coming up with an “Ample bible” will certainly help the community. FAQs can later on be integrated into a chatbot to answer commonly asked questions. And also, I believe not many of us know all the answers to Ampleforth, by combining the strength of community, we can store those answers in an organized place and pull them out whenever we need them.

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