Idea summary

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of cryptographic token which represents something unique. They are made with ETH
and what some individual digital artists have done is create collectible art tokens with their work.

These artists are looking for a decent place to sell their works for a fair pricecompared to the amount of work artists have put into their pieces.

As a digital artist myself currently hunting down a place to simply auction what I create has proven a challenge.
The places currently available for digital art non-fungible tokens are either open to all types of non-fungible token and consequently
makes the market flooded with collectible cryptogame items and the market audience is looking for a cheaper deal (Opensea)
or they are for only digital artists (SuperRare,Known Origin, Makerplace) have waitlists up to six months, or have requirements of only one art token made with the chosen art piece. A dedicated art auction house for digital artists would make their art pieces feel like a paint to canvas piece or art collection that is going to a gallery auction and this would make their pieces more valuable. Artists want a place where they have the choice to auction one of a kind pieces, several same pieces, or artistic bundles.

Idea implementation/execution

The AMPL Digital Art Auction site would use AMPL for bidding on the collectible tokens.
Using Ampl as the currency in this project would further help develop AMPLs partnership with ETH, give AMPL a use outside of liquidity farming random tokens, and would see value in using AMPL as an opportunity to collect a variety of rare art tokens from different artists around in the world.


Budget is unknown right now but if this is a popular idea and people want to help with some funding they are more than welcome to get in contact with me, maybe I can come up with some custom art in exchange.

Idea timeline

Idea timeline is the same as the budget but I could look into something if this looks to be popular. I can maybe get an alpha going a couple weeks after and if people want to help with the auction site and coding feel free to get in contact with me too.

Walloom Answered question December 13, 2020