At present, there are positive rebase and negative rebase in ample. I think that if we can turn these rebase into tokens, we will produce two types of coins, positive coins(Pample) and negative coins(Nample), and then circulate them in the market, and the market behavior will give them different pricing(holds,exchangeers,and debters will have different influence). Anyone can use a certain proportion of Pample and Nample to exchange ample in the rebase pool. I think it will be a very interesting experiment,

Idea implementation/execution:

Anyone can use Ample to deposited in the fund pool, the fund pool will automatically distribute P(Pample) or N(Nample) when rebase. Depositors can claim P and N separately, and exchange earnings in proportion in the fund pool. They can also sell P and N separately in the market. If the market value of Ample eventually expands, then P-N will eventually be positive, that is, N will have an expected currency when negative rebase happens, it will encourage people to continue to deposit when the rebase is negative to obtain N and reduce their lost.

For exmaple:

Person A deposit 100AMPL in to the pool, and when rebase happen 5 times ,+10,+10.-5,-5,+10,there will be 120 AMPL in the pool, A got 30P and 10N,He sold it in the market, and its theoretical value should both be 0.5 AMPL. Anyone can exchange AMPL in the fund pool with the ratio of P / N = 3:1. For example, B can exchange 3 P and 1 N to get 2 Ample in the pool。

However, when rebase in negative direction long time, P-N is equal to negative number. in theory, the obtained N has no value. However, all the theories in this proposal are based on the market value of Ample is ultimately expanded (if Ample fails, the existence of Dao will be meaningless). Therefore, N is expected to gain value in the future, and the holder will continue to deposit to obtain N, And because the market behavior is unpredictable, for example, all kinds of coins hoarding behavior, coin loss, price fluctuations of unknown truth, I think will eventually lead to the positive value of P and N

Of course, Dao organizations can charge part of the handling fee when using P / N to exchange AMPL, and can also charge part of the rebase fee when positive rebase happen.

As the number of P and N is constantly expanding, Dao can periodically destroy the recycled parts, so as to maintain the value of P and N

Budget/cost: I don’t know.

Examples of similar ideas: No.

Idea Timeline: May be 3 months

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