Idea Summary: A Discord tip bot is a free to use extension (tip.cc) that can be used to tip other Discord users with digital assets including BTC, ETH, and other ERC-20 tokens (https://tip.cc/guides/tipping). Though AMPL is not yet included in this list of tokens, equivalent amounts of ETH can be tipped for now until support for AMPL is requested/granted.

1 out of the 4 community achievements have been unlocked, but three more remain. Positively reinforcing community achievements with AMPL via this bot may expedite the rest of the challenge. This will also inform our future directions with such incentive models.



Discord server admins will need to invite the bot (https://tip.cc/guides/installing-on-discord).

A separate wallet – preferably multisignature – can be loaded with AMPL which will be converted to ETH  for tipping with this bot.

Task completion will be rewarded with AMPL (which has been converted to ETH; there is also room here for an educational tactic now that we’re in positive rebase territory)  – this idea should be wrapped within a message to incentivize challenge completion.

The message should be distributed widely throughout digital media platforms by ASDAO members and the AMPL community.

Note that if AMPL is integrated into the bot, we can tip directly and sidestep conversion to ETH (or a stablecoin, if that is deemed a better choice).

Budget/Cost: The Ampleforth team and ASDAO can decide how much AMPL should (or should not) be allocated towards this. The idea of a “right amount” to set aside for this could vary widely among a range of opinions.

Idea Timeline: Now

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