Idea Summary: Based on recent rumors and developments, AMPL is likely to be listed for trading on several Centralized exchanges. In the spirit of Decentralized Finance, AMPL should be included in the newly proposed DeFi++ Index by PieDAO.

This instrument includes 13 large and small cap assets in the DeFi sector: COMP AAVE UNI LINK MKR SNX YFI UMA REN LRC BAL PNT MLN

Learn more about it here: https://docs.piedao.org/current-pies/defi++

See more about asset allocation here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uTXf8CqCn9ej4gv_XeMoRua3bsxlGAM9tVOtNsooXg8/edit?pli=1#gid=1862833525

Idea Implementation/Execution: A Pie-Improvement-Proposal (PIP) can be drafted on the PieDAO forum (https://forum.piedao.org/). Next, this PIP can be voted for or against on Aragon (https://client.aragon.org/#/piedao/).

Budget/Cost: Time and Effort associated with executing the above steps.

Idea Timeline: Up to a week.

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