Idea Summary: Other protocols have adopted rebasing mechanisms and are implementing innovative governance and value generating policies; e.g., YAM has accrued over $2.5M in their treasury ( https://yam.finance/faq).

Idea Implementation/Execution: Coordinating with these projects could benefit the ecosystem (and the ASDAO) in the long run. E.g. Incentives can be developed to motivate liquidity pooling into upcoming AMPL/ASDAO geyser launches, while proposals can be passed to explore experimental governance models within these protocols that are backed by the ASDAO. This could curtail the DAO’s risk and avoid instability, while promoting potentially high-yielding experimental models.

Budget/Cost: Unclear.

Idea Timeline: “3 weeks in crypto is like a year in life” – read somewhere on CT.

camille_henri Answered question October 14, 2020