Idea Summary: Simulate what MakerDao is doing for Dai for Ample, multi-collateral deposits

Overview: Simply, by offering ample loans based on other currencies used as collateral. Like a multi-collateral Dai except by increasing the liquidity and supply of ample by supplying loans would help reduce the long negative and positive rebases. The multi-collateral aspect is so users can choose from a variety of coins to lock-up i.e. btc or eth.

Equilibrium are short lived leading to long rebases, by overall increasing ample market cap and supply should dampen the volatility

Idea implementation/execution: The Ampleforth white paper mentions a lending platform, ultimate fear is if ample is locked-up for loans, traders would just pump and dump based on price changes with no concern for rebase mechanics. (Assuming ampl would have a positive rebase increasing wallet supply and funds. A savvy person could manipulate a positive rebase to borrow more with essentially same amount invested.)

Budget/cost: Uncertain until more discussions

Examples of similar ideas: Protocol Implemented similar to Aave, Compound, or MakerDao except ample would be the only initial loaned asset

Budget Request:

Timeline: TBD

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