Idea summary: Many Ampl buyers  fail to manage the asset well, by not taking profits during positive rebase and buying more of network share during negative rebase. This is partly because many do not want to manage their position actively, do not have good trading skills or just want to passively hold the asset.

Some Ampl holders could benefit from an automated strategy that sells a pre-determined percentage (5%, 10%, 15%) of their Ampl holdings during positive rebase cycles into a stablecoin (Dai, USDC, etc.), this would function like an automated savings account, or negative rebase “insurance fund”. During negative rebase cycles all or a portion of this reserve could be used to buy Ampl.

If the negative rebase insurance fund became large enough it would create sell pressure during positive cycles, and buy pressure during negative cycles, helping to stabilize the protocol

Idea implementation/execution: This strategy is similar to TokenSets (https://www.tokensets.com/) an automated asset management platform. TokenSets is a “smart basket ERC20 token of crypto assets that automatically rebalances based on the strategy you choose.” The major tasks would be to develop one or more smart contracts that allow for automated buying and selling of Ampl at user-set intervals or at certain points.

Budget/cost: Budget unknown. Major expenses would include:

– Smart contract development and testing

– Smart contract audits

– Website design and development

Examples of similar ideas: The insurance product would be similar to TokenSets, mentioned above.

Idea timeline: About 1-2 months

Walloom Answered question January 7, 2021