Idea summary: Meme ltd. is a fairly new token on Ethereum which have created a process to ensure scarce nfts. Lp holders for different protocols would lock-up their lp with Meme ltd. in their respective nft pool. Ampl/eth pair can be used and community could run a nft design program.

Apy.vision offers a defi tool similar to zapper.fi with more focus currently on lp providers. Their tool allows users to see net market gains and impermeant lose with lps. Apy.vision has recently partnered with several other defi projects to offer a nft with grants one year of free pro service with apy.vision

Idea implementation/execution: Implementation and execution would require community involvement to contact ample devs, Meme ltd. and apy.vision to propose a partnership. Then, promote new programs to expand ampleforth audience through social media.

Budget/cost: TBD

Examples of similar ideas: Meme ltd. has an example of Badger token lp holders for wbtc/badger to stake and earn nfts. Utilizes same mechanics as meme token where stakers earn pineapples which are burned for nfts.

Apy.vision has several nfts offering 1 yr pro service with other defi projects such as sushiswap and harvest which can viewed at rarible>apy.vision

Idea Timeline: TBD

Zhang Answered question April 28, 2021

I also concur with the above and support a partnership with Meme Ltd and APY.Vision for the following reasons:
• Memes are extremely popular and are here to stay
• Meme Ltd. Partnership could enable the DAO to gamify education and make things fun
• With the prospect of exciting developments like Charged Particles around the corner, the NFTs could be “charged” with interest bearing AMPLs as an example; there is a ton of potential here
• Furthermore, the NFT minting could require AMPL/kMPL/wAMPL instead of ETH
• APY.Vision – agree with reasons mentioned above

I would also like to recommend collaboration with LINK-SWAP:
○ This ecosystem is flourishing at a very rapid pace
○ They also have 50,000 governance tokens (YFL), and their staking incentives + fee/reward distributions are very favorably aligned towards LPs
○ Let’s integrate some of their mechanics that already work, and add is what is unique to EeFI
○ Partnership to add AMPL could dramatically increase demand and catalyze another positive rebase cycle
○ This community is also very good with memes
○ Potential for a LINK-AMPL pool as well