H1 2021 Vision Review, Discussion and Voting Schedule

  • Community Review and Discussion: December 20 – 26, 2020 (Leave Comments or Questions Below)
  • Community Ratification Vote (APP-002): December 27 – 30, 2020 (Using the Community Voting Dapp)

Idea Summary

As outlined in the DAO’s initial roadmap, the DAO is outlining its vision for key activities during H1 2021. The DAO plans to focus on creating additional utility for Ample, improving knowledge of elastic finance (and Ample) and forging appropriate alliances with DeFi protocols to further Ample’s (and elastic finance’s) network effects and utilization.

Idea implementation/execution: The DAO’s H1 2021 Vision is outlined in the presentation below.

Link to H1 2021 Vision presentation.

Budget/cost: DAO leadership would allocate up to $40,000 of the DAO Treasury to execute against priority areas outlined in the H1 2021 Vision document.

Idea Timeline:

  • Phase I: Community review and discussion: December 20 – 26, 2020 (please post your comments or questions below).
  • Phase II: Community ratification vote (using the DAO’s voting dapp): December 27 – 29, 2020
    • Note: This vote will authorize the DAO’s leadership to execute the H1 2021 vision and allocate up to $40,000 of Treasury funds toward Vision-related projects and initiatives. AmpleSense Progress Proposal 002 will be published for this purpose.
  • Phase III: Implementation: H1 2021 with regular reporting on progress to the community
davoice321 Changed status to publish December 28, 2020

I have limited understanding in English but I can tell that this project has a lot of great ideas, vision based on good understanding of current trend of the DEFI and crypto industry. I like that you have education component in the plan. Looking forward be part of the project.