Idea Incubator

The Idea Incubator

The Idea Incubator is dedicated to capturing and discussing concrete and actionable ideas about how to grow the Ampleforth ecosystem.

Use the Idea Incubator to post any and all suggestions for products, services, financial instruments and other applications that you think the DAO should support All ideas are welcome, as long as they meet the criteria below.

Here are the criteria for idea submissions:

  • The idea must involve Ample
  • One idea per submission please
  • The title of your idea should be posted in the form of a question: For example, “Should the DAO support Reliance Labs’ work to develop an elastic lending protocol featuring Ample?”
  • Your idea should include the following sections:
    • Idea summary: 1-2 paragraphs
    • Idea implementation/execution: Help us understand why your idea would be feasible and how it would be executed
    • Budget/cost: What would the idea cost to execute; what are the major expenses?
    • Examples of similar ideas: Help us understand how your idea would come to life. If possible, provide examples of similar ideas already on the market
    • Idea timeline: How long would it take for the idea to be executed?

Note: All newly posted ideas will be moderated prior to publication to ensure they are in the proper format. 

After your idea is published, a few things will happen:

  1. You, DAO Members, Founders and community members will discuss your idea
  2. Ideas will receive preliminary votes from the community. These votes (and comments) will help to determine whether it will be selected to be fleshed out into an official AmpleSense Progress Proposal

 Note: View the required idea format by clicking the button below.

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