How to Vote on AmpleSense Progress Proposals (APPs)

What Are AmpleSense Progress Proposals (APPs)?

AmpleSense Progress Proposals (APPs) are official recommendations for DAO-funded initiatives and projects that are voted on by the community — and reviewed and enacted by DAO Members and Founders. All previous and current APPs can be viewed by clicking here.

Note that the first step in the AmpleSense Progress Proposal development process is submission of ideas to the Idea Incubator.

Ideas must be discussed in the idea incubator before being developed into AmpleSense Progress Proposals.

How to Vote on AmpleSense Progress Proposals

Click here for a listing of current and previous AmpleSense Progress Proposals.

Voting Basics

Connecting Your Wallet

kMPL Voting Power Conversion


Note: kMPL voting power conversions for wallets with less than 1,000 AMPL may not display in the “your voting power” section due to rounding.

View Results

Note: Vote totals  that are less than 1 may not display due to rounding.