Highlights: October 20, 2020 AMA Session with Ampleforth Co-Founder Brandon Iles and the AmpleSense DAO Founding Team

Today, the AmpleSense DAO founding team held an AMA featuring Ampleforth Co-Founder Brandon Iles. The themes of the AMA were:

  • Collaboration between the Ampleforth Foundation and AmpleSense DAO
  • The need for active and proactive community engagement
  • What’s to come in terms of developing the Ampleforth and the elastic finance ecosystem

Note: AMA participants are referenced by their handles:

– @brandon (Ampleforth Co-Founder Brandon Iles)
@davoice321: (AmpleSense Co-Founder)
@solomonsollarsnsense: (AmpleSense Co-Founder)
– @crypto-kav: (AmpleSense Co-Founder)
– @fudbuster: (AmpleSense Co-Founder)

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