What is kMPL?

KiloAmple (kMPL) is a multi-purpose asset developed by the AmpleSense DAO with a maximum supply of 51,000 tokens (kMPL contract address).

The token has a number of use cases including:

  • Governance: Shape the DAO’s Agenda
    kMPL holders will shape the DAO’s priorities, initiatives and activities via community voting. 
  • Air Drops: Benefit from Successful DAO-Funded Projects
    kMPL holders who vote on AmpleSense DAO initiatives will receive exclusive air drops of tokens from projects the DAO funds (if the project has a token).
  • Token Rewards: Wherever possible, DAO-initiated special projects will include opportunities for kMPL holders to earn token rewards in exchange for providing services such as additional governance.
  • Finance: kMPL Elastic Vaults Featuring Ample
    The AmpleSense DAO will develop “elastic vaults” that provide depositors with the opportunity to earn from various yield farming and liquidity mining programs featuring Ample (and other select elastic assets). kMPL holders will earn fees from elastic vaults.
  • Borrowing: kMPL-Backed Ample Loans
    The AmpleSense DAO will launch a special lending platform where kMPL holders will be able to borrow other assets, including Ample, by collateralizing kMPL.

Where Can I Buy kMPL?

Buy kMPL on Uniswap by clicking here.

Why Participate in the kGeyser?

The AmpleSense DAO is distributing more than 73% of the total kMPL supply to the community via the Zeus and Apollo kGeysers.

The kGeysers provide the community with the opportunity to access a token that will help them shape the future of the Ampleforth protocol and elastic finance, and receive a number of benefits from projects initiated by the DAO.

How does kMPL compare to other governance tokens?

kMPL is more similar to YFI ( in terms of how it will be embedded into a range of DAO-funded initiatives (and generate token rewards for holders) versus a token like UNI, which is mainly designed to aid governance of one protocol (i.e., Uniswap).

Recommended Wallets

For the best experience, we recommend using Metamask, or Ledger (via Metamask).

How to Use the Zeus kGeyser (Deposit AMPL/ETH LP Tokens for kMPL Rewards)

How to Use the Apollo kGeyser (Deposit kMPL/ETH LP Tokens for kMPL Rewards)

What is the Rebase Bonus?

Both the Zeus and Apollo kGeysers feature a Rebase Bonus. We have allocated a special pool of kMPL that will be distributed to Zeus and Apollo stakers daily until it is exhausted. Here’s how the Rebase Bonus works:

  • Each day at 02:30 UTC, kMPL from a bonus pool is distributed to stakers
  • The base bonus is ~.6% of the bonus pool during positive rebases
  • The bonus is ~1.2% of the bonus pool during negative rebases

kMPL from the bonus pool will be manually distributed by community members who will click a “Rebase Bonus” button on the kGeyser interface.

Note: The rebase bonus does not accumulate automatically, the button must be pressed once every 24 hours. All bonus tokens are distributed to stakers at once.

Does the AmpleSense DAO Leadership Team Mine kMPL?

No. The AmpleSense leadership team does not mine kMPL. The team was allocated 7% of the kMPL supply, vested over a 12-month period using the Sablier Real-Time finance dapp (view kMPL deposits 1, 2 and 3 to the Sablier smart contract).

As of mid-December 2020, individuals with more than 210 wallets were mining kMPL, representing $1.5 million in liquidity.

How Can I Get Help?

Please click here to visit our support forum.

How the kGeyser Works

Read this article developed by the Ampleforth team about the Geyser.

The kGeyser operates the same as the Ampleforth Geyser (it uses the same smart contracts).