Guide: How to Get the Most Out of the AmpleSense DAO Community Hub

What is the Community Hub designed to accomplish? What can you do here? Frequently asked questions … answered. (New here? Join this group developed especially for new Community Hub members.)

First, if you’re new to the AmpleSense Community Hub: Welcome! It’s great to have you here.

Below we answer some questions you may have about the Hub and what you can do here.

What is the AmpleSense Community Hub?

The AmpleSense Community Hub is a social network developed and launched by the AmpleSense DAO, an independent, community powered organization that invests in projects, applications and initiatives that promote and utilize elastic finance assets, specifically Ample and other select, high-quality elastic currencies.

The primary purpose of the Community Hub is to collect, organize and act on projects that expand understanding and use cases for elastic finance.

We accomplish this mission with two Hub tools:

  • The Idea Incubator: The Idea Incubator is a platform that allows the community to review and discuss ideas introduced by the community. The Idea Incubator is where these ideas are debated, refined and ultimately turned into official AmpleSense Progress Proposals (we’ll provide more information about APPs soon).
  • Community Voting Dapp: The voting dapp allows community members to vote on AmpleSense Progress Proposals using Ample and kMPL. Assuming the proposal passes the community vote, DAO Founder and Members will take up these proposals for feasibility review and ratification via Governance Votes.

    Important: It is only after the community has voted to approve APPs that they are approved for funding and move into the development, oversight and reporting stages of implementation.

The AmpleSense Community Hub is where all discussion, reporting and public oversight of potential or approved DAO-funded initiatives will take place.

The benefits of having a DAO-owned social platform (rather than conducting these activities on third-party services) is ease of use and ensuring that content is saved long-term for review and auditing purposes.

What Else Can I Do on the Community Hub?

We also developed the Community Hub to help bring together, grow and educate the global community around elastic finance. You can take advantage of the tools and resources available on the Hub by:

  • Joining the Forums: In addition to discussing ideas for the elastic finance ecosystem and AmpleSense Progress Proposals, you can join our forums dedicated to answering questions about this new sub-sector.

    For those of you interested in discussing Ample’s market movements, we have launched two discussion groups: Slow Trader Discussion and Fast Trader Discussion. Public price and trading discussion is strictly limited to these forum-based discussion groups. However, you are free to create private groups dedicated to price discussion and trading (see below for information about how to create a private group.)
  • Creating Groups: One of our goals with the Community Hub is to provide the global elastic finance community with a central gathering place to collaborate and engage with like-minded people. One of the ways you can take advantage of this is by creating a group. These are public (or private) gathering spots where you can engage more deeply with a limited number of people to plan projects, events or just have discussions in a quieter environment.

    To create a group:

    – Visit the Groups directory
    – Search to see if a group related to your group’s topic has been launched already
    – If not, click the “create a group” link above the directory listing (as shown below)

    You will have the option of creating a private / hidden group during the Group launch process.
  • Writing Educational Content: Many community members have developed fantastic educational content such as videos, articles and analysis. We’d like the Community Hub to become a central location where this content can be found, shared and archived.

    We welcome:

    Excerpts from content you have already published (post a brief summary of your external post) and link to that content
    Embeds of videos and other material you have developed (you can create a new post and embed the content within it)
    Original articles focusing on the Ampleforth protocol or elastic finance ecosystem

    To get started:

    1. Look for the “Create New Blog Post” link on the Hub’s sidebar navigation menu (see image below)

2. Develop your post and submit the draft.

After you submit your post it will be reviewed (and in most cases) approved within a few days. You’ll receive a notification when the review process is complete and your content is published.

All educational blog posts can be found here, in the Education category of the Community Hub’s blog.

In addition to participating in forums, joining or creating groups, you can use the social networking tools in the Hub to connect with others, engage in private conversations and more.

Thank you for visiting and joining the AmpleSense DAO Community Hub.

Enjoy your time here — and invite your friends.

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