Mapping the network and building the educational tools

  • Mapping the network and building the educational tools

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  • FudBuster

    September 26, 2020 at 13:05

    Hey Amplifiers!

    I’d like to gather some data on where all amplifiers are connected, what kind of social groups both online and offline.

    At some point in the not too far future BTC will go past 13-15k and I imagine the bull run will pick up speed very fast. That’s the moment when people’s attention turn to crypto and there will be an influx of complete newbs.

    I think we should start discussing well in advance how we best capture all those new users for Ample by teaching them how to find on-ramps, how to use metamask, the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts, CEX’s and DEX’s, from AAVE to ZZZ.

    Go forth, be Ample

  • Jag

    September 27, 2020 at 17:38

    Hey fellow Amplifiers!

    Outside of my real world work offline, I find myself browsing social media portals like twitter, discord servers, and more recently – OpenSea and Raribles in the NFT space.

    I wanted to get your thoughts on this new NFT buzz in the DeFi space. They are currently sold on various marketplaces and valuation appears to be purely subjective based on perceived authenticity, intent, scarcity, and surely numerous other unquantifiable factors.

    I was wondering – could we use these NFTs for educational purposes? Similar to trading cards in games like Pokemon, Ampleforth NFTs (or “trading cards”) could contain easily digestible pieces of valuable information (E.g. Illustrative approaches to depicting supply elasticity).

    As AMPL supply is regularly subtracted from and added to all digital wallets containing the asset, perhaps we could airdrop (or distribute in other ways) these informative NFTs to wallets to follow suit. In theory it may have a shot of working, notwithstanding logistic barriers like gas costs.

    It can be addicting so I’ll advertise another set of NFTs I made:

    FYI this is purely experimental and the price is set entirely arbitrarily. I’m not sure I’ll sell these even if an offer is made, but funds would be diverted to furthering AMPL ecosystem should it happen.

    • davoice321

      September 27, 2020 at 20:32

      I’ve been a long-time fan of NFTs (I hold Axies for example).

      I think there’s a lot that can be done with NFTs and elastic currencies like Ample. And, there are ways to actually have NFTs generated according to the rebase status of the token.

      There’s certainly a collector’s mindset in NFTs, but the best ones have either an intrinsic value (i.e., a work of art), or have some additional functionality (like the upcoming governance token that Axie Infinity will be providing to NFT holders – Axie and land on the platform).

      It might be worth exploring some ideas in the Idea Incubator about how NFTs can be gifted to people providing liquidity, etc. in ways that will either be artistically valuable, or have some other benefit for holders.

      • Jag

        September 28, 2020 at 15:43

        “And, there are ways to actually have NFTs generated according to the rebase status of the token” – there’s an interesting idea to experiment with. Perhaps a “Supply Expansion” NFT to accompany every positive rebase, and vice versa could be a good start.

        I like that other NFT projects like Axie have already led the way so no reason to reinvent the wheel here. Rarible is rewarding its users with $RARI tokens for simply using their platform. Perhaps we could implement a similar value distribution mechanism for using the ASDAO – nothing life-changing of course, but at least something of stake in comparison to the points and gems.

        A kMPL card-like NFT that airdrops into community members’ wallets could yield a valuable return, in terms of interest into the project. If something more concrete occurs to anyone, I hope it is submitted as proposal to the idea incubator.

    • FudBuster

      September 29, 2020 at 13:17

      When I first saw your NFT idea on Discord I wasn’t that impressed tbh, but once I started thinking about I experienced an explosion of Ideas. The potential for building around NFT’s is basically limitless.

      Some telegram discussions from August came to mind, where people were proudly boasting about who had held Ample through the toughest rebases. Wouldn’t it be great if they could get an achievement verifying NFT? By connecting their wallet to a dapp that reads on chain data, analyzes it, links it to a unique identifier like a TG handle and mints an NFT that verifies this.

      Even though I don’t personally care that much for honors, I think there’s certainly a market for this out there, and this is just one of the endless permutations available when you start combining technologies in new innovative ways.

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