Grant Proposal Submitted to the FORTH DAO; New Discord Server

This week, marks the official launch of the FORTH DAO. The organization was officially launched when unclaimed FORTH, plus ETH/AMPL liquidity tokens, and about 8.9 million AMPL was deposited into the FORTH DAO Treasury.

We are pleased to announce that we have submitted a grant proposal to the FORTH DAO. This activity is being conducted as part of our mandate from the AmpleSense community to support the Ampleforth/Elastic Finance ecosystem and drive additional utility for AMPL. The grant request is for 275k AMPL that would be deposited into the Elastic Vault protocol.

Our plan is to utilize EEFI emitted by the vault (using granted AMPL) in two ways:

  1. Distribute 30% of EEFI emissions generated by the grant to the FORTH DAO Treasury monthly
  2. Distribute 60% of EEFI emissions generated via the grant to incentivize utilization of Ampleforth ecosystem protocols.

Please show your support for this proposal by engaging on the FORTH forum and helping to answer questions about the Elastic Vault/AmpleSense from those who may not be familiar with our corner of the community.

View the proposal (and leave a comment in support).

Join Our New Discord Server

The AmpleSense DAO has a new home on Discord. Join the community there for ongoing conversations, updates and much more. Join us on Discord.

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