About the DAO Founding Team

DAO Leadership Team Roles #

Each of the ASDAO Founders has primary oversight over one or more key areas of operations.

DAO Members can select one or more areas to provide assistance and advice.

Area of FocusDAO Team Lead
ASDAO Operations, Global Strategy, Innovation and Product Development@davoice321
ASDAO Technical Infrastructure, Project Management and Engagement@Crypto.Kav
ASDAO Business Development, Partnerships and Industry/DAO Member Engagement@SolomonSollarsNSense

About the ASDAO Founders and Leadership Team #

@davoice321 is a business, strategy, innovation, and technology expert and global thought leader with decades of hands-on experience. He has also provided extensive behind-the-scenes advisory services to cryptocurrency projects and protocols over the last several years.

@SolomonSollarsNSense has been in the Bitcoin | Crypto space for a decade as a Contributor, early Hater, and early Investor. He hails from the first blockchain community to formulate the DAC | DAO model and participated as one of their original 101 Delegates for DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus, which is a blockchain consensus based on the DAO concept. He enjoys content creation has formal education in filmmaking (BA in Film Directing and Masters in Film Production from DePaul University). Solomon will focus on EeFi thought leadership, communications, business development, and culture building. This is for AmpleSense, AmpleForth, and the larger EeFi movement.

@Crypto.Kav has several years of experience as a strategy and operations consultant in the US retail banking space. He enjoys discussions around game theory, monetary policy and systems thinking. Kav is a graduate of Cornell University and specializes in financial and economic policy.