Explore the DAO Infrastructure and Contracts

The table below features links to key DAO infrastructure.

DAO InfrastructureLink
Idea Incubator: This is where initial community ideas are discussed and debated. High-performing ideas (those with many comments and upvotes) are moved to the proposal development stage. Idea Incubator
AmpleSense Progress Proposals (APPs): APPs are ideas for DAO initiatives that have first been reviewed and discussed in the Idea Incubator. Ideas that receive upvotes and positive comments from the community are selected to be developed into AmpleSense Progress Proposals.

APPs are official proposals for initiatives the DAO may fund after approval via community and DAO leadership voting. This is the forum where APPs are published and discussed prior to community / DAO leadership voting.
AmpleSense Progress Proposals Discussion Forum
Community Voting Dapp: Dapp kMPL and AMPL holders use to signal support for AmpleSense Progress Proposals.Learn How to Vote
DAO Voting Dapp: Aragon Dapp used by DAO Founders and Members to ratify AmpleSense Progress Proposals that receive community support. DAO Voting Dapp
DAO Finances: View assets in the DAO Treasury and transactions. DAO Finances Dapp
DAO Budget: View current budget allocations and planned spending priorities.DAO Allocations Dapp

The table below features links to contracts developed or used by the DAO.

Contracts Developed or Used By the DAOLink
kMPL Token kMPL Contract
Zeus kGeyser
Zeus kGeyser Contract
Apollo kGeyserApollo kGeyser Contract
DAO Treasury Contract (Powered by Aragon)DAO Treasury Contract
Sablier Dapp (Used to Vest DAO Founders’ Shares Over 12 Months – Vesting Began in December 2020Sablier Vesting Contract