The AmpleSense DAO: A Dual-Governance Framework

Over the last few years DAOs have increased in popularity and there are many different iterations on the design.

The AmpleSense DAO is using the Open Enterprise DAO infrastructure developed by Aragon.

The AmpleSense DAO operates under a dual-governance framework.

Decision Level #

ASDAO Founders and DAO Members sit at the decision-making level of the DAO:

  • ASDAO Founders: The team that conceived and launched the DAO
  • ASDAO Members: No more than 30 individuals who have contributed to the ASDAO Treasury and received voting tokens from the DAO
    • Two Member positions are reserved for community members via the Community Spirit program. These are community members with demonstrated ability to provide value to the community and Ampleforth Ecosystem.

DAO Founders and Members:

  • Ratify ASDAO Decisions: ASDAO voting tokens are required to ratify all material decisions made by the DAO (e.g., governance structure, budget allocations, transactions). DAO Founders and Members hold these tokens.
  • Are Responsible for the DAO’s Day-to-Day Operations: ASDAO’s three founders and leadership team members are responsible for operating the DAO, which includes setting its overall direction and conducting other daily activities. ASDAO Founders work with ASDAO Members, who are required to oversee and approve all DAO activities.

To incentivize Founders and Members to commit to ASDAO’s long-term health and success:

  • Founders and Members receive periodic rewards (subject to community notification and a DAO vote for approval) of no more than 7% of the DAO’s Treasury (based on the number of ASDAO voting tokens each one holds)

Advisory Level #

DAO Founders and Members report to and are reliant on input and advice from the Ampleforth community.

Community members provide the DAO with advice and guidance by:

  • Participating in the AmpleSense DAO Idea Incubator and Forums: Anyone can post ideas for issues the community wishes the DAO to address, or projects and priorities to pursue to the Idea Incubator. Popular or well-received ideas are then turned into AmpleSense Progress Proposals (APPs).
  • Voting on ASDAO Activities: Community members holding KiloAmple (KMPL, a tradeable token developed by the ASDAO founding team), or AMPL can signal support for APPs by using the ASDAO voting dapp.

ASDAO Founders are responsible for developing reports on the DAO’s activities. These reports are published on a regular basis for DAO Member and community review and comment.

Note: Unless there are compelling reasons not to (e.g., projects do not pass due diligence, activities could harm the DAO’s mission, etc.) DAO leadership will follow the will of the community.

Ampleforth Core Development Team

As a member of the community, the Ampleforth Core Development team is free to provide insight and perspective on DAO activities and may offer technical support or collaborate on shared initiatives.

Although the DAO, core development team/Ampleforth Foundation have a collaborative relationship, the DAO is an, distinct, separate and independent organization. The DAO will not play a role in governance decisions related to the Ampleforth protocol — except as another member of the community.

Transparency and Community Oversight #

As part of their advisory role, Ampleforth community members will be responsible for oversight and review of DAO activities. The most important are related to:

  • Financial Activity: Through the Finance application on the ASDAO site, community members can review Treasury expenditures and track how funds are being utilized (and for what purpose)
  • Voting Activity: DAO Founders and Members must vote to approve DAO spending, partnerships with third parties (when they are ready to be executed), and other activities. Community members can review these votes using the Voting app on the ASDAO site (and comment on votes in the forums)
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