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  • AMPL_Warlord

    September 30, 2020 at 08:02

    I don’t have any issue with independent community organization, such as AmpleSense.

    The issue I have is that AmpleSense’s stated objectives should overlap with the Ampleforth foundation’s own objectives. The fact that they have to be separate is just a testament to how the core team has left the community on its own.

    “Having the team be the center of gravity for all these activities goes against the decentralization ethos you assert is your focus.” -> The team should not be the center of gravity. They should focus on decentralizing control and embracing the community. The community should become the center of gravity. If they did this, all the effort in AmpleSense would easily be consolidated and aligned with Ampleforth directly.

    I agree elastic finance is still incredibly new, fragile, and growing. Much of this will be forgotten in the end, and if the team retains centralized control and continues building out new tech and integrations it may likely succeed.

    But how the current situation has been handled is a huge red flag which I cannot support. My comments here are only an effort to express my view that a workable solution would involve a credible move toward decentralized governance and realignment with the community.

    That’s all—good luck with AmpleSense and additional efforts to move AMPL forward.