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  • davoice321

    September 30, 2020 at 05:16

    The AmpleSense Dao came about as an independent effort to address the concerns I outlined above, and because we felt and still feel an community-based effort to drive these goals is required.

    In fact the ampleforth team discussed their efforts at governance and never conflated the two organizations (Amplesense and the foundation)

    Our goal was never to decentralize the governance of the ampleforth protocol.

    It has always been to drive the elastic finance and ampleforth ecosystem.

    In fact that is what decentralization is all about, different voices and groups coming together to work toward similar goals but with independent centers of gravity and approaches.

    Having the team be the center of gravity for all these activities goes against the decentralization ethos you assert is your focus.

    We can all be on the same team, but we don’t, or we shouldn’t all have the same masters.

    Any global community is going to have its different centers of gravity, it’s many voices. It doesn’t nor should it all be controlled by one entity.

    In fact the amplesense and elastic finance community is still young. It’s just getting its sea legs. You see fractured, I see youth and growth and differences of opinion. All healthy.

    AmpleSense was here before this decentralization issue became a topic of conversation.

    And there’s no evidence to suggest that the team won’t create a governance structure on its own.

    AmpleSense being independent and focusing on different objectives is what decentralization is all about.