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  • davoice321

    September 29, 2020 at 16:07

    Some of the ideas in the Idea Incubator actually are aligned with your thinking. The Negative Rebase Insurance fund actually focuses on this idea of providing some downside protection.

    The wAMPL idea also provides some downside protection and additional buying pressure during negative rebase events.

    None of these ideas require Ample to do anything other than it is already doing: operating as intended from a negative and positive rebase perspective.

    The issue of investor education is another one. If you look at what’s happening with other elastic finance projects very few are doing very well because of the same issue: how people react to the price of these assets and how they behave during positive and negative rebase periods.

    Overall, I believe there has to be some additional demand drivers that are more organic or as a side benefit of what people are doing in other contexts — beyond liquidity mining, such as borrowing, lending, derivatives, etc.

    That’s what we’re focused on doing in the DAO. Creating those organic demand drivers for Ample that are less dependent on speculators who are by their very nature, fickle and seeking to maximize profits at any cost.