• LadyJuliet

    October 21, 2020 at 21:48

    Ampleforth is like an airline and your Ampl marketcap percentage is the planes ticket package.

    The price of the seat fluctuates with the demand just like any other object in the consumer life

    but the amenities and seat location are the same as when you originally purchased and they don’t add or subtract anything in the plane ticket package

    unless additional ampl is bought or sold to add or subtract to the planes ticket package.

    When the price drops the opportunity is open to upgrade your ticket package to the windowed VIP package.

    The rebase system is the HR office and evaluates the Ampl airline demand.

    The tokens themselves are like the airport staff so if the demand for the airport is down

    (negative rebase) Ampl tokens go on vacation, they are still airport employees and haven’t gone anywhere

    its just that the airport doesnt need them at the moment so they stay home on call.

    When the demand for the airline increases (positive rebase) they go all hands on deck plus a hiring spree.

    If everything is fine and nothing is on fire its just another token monday and nothing happens ( neutral rebase)

    Happy Traveling!

    Ampl trip helper

    Lady Juliet