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  • APP-002 – Ratification of H1 2021 Vision and Budget

  • davoice321

    December 27, 2020 at 19:15

    APP-002 Status: Ratified, $65,000 Initial Budget Approved (View Vote Here)

    • Idea Incubator Discussion Related to APP-002: Click Here

    APP Summary: APP-002 is related to securing community ratification of the H1 2021 Vision and the initial budget allocation for Vision-related activities

    Overview: The DAO plans to focus on creating additional utility for Ample, improving knowledge of elastic finance (and Ample) and forging appropriate alliances with DeFi protocols to further Ample’s (and elastic finance’s) network effects and utilization.

    Rationale: Implementing the H1 2021 Vision is core to the DAO’s mission.

    Idea Incubator Discussion: The Idea Incubator discussion related to the H1 2021 Vision was supportive. Key points raised by the community include:

    • The potential benefits of launching elastic vaults featuring Ample and select elastic finance assets
    • The importance of engaging in education around the rebase
    • A focus on improving the UX/UI for DAO-deployed applications in line with other projects

    Implementation and Deliverables: The deliverables related to the H1 2021 Vision are outlined in this presentation (see below).

    Contributors: The DAO leadership team will implement the H1 2021 Vision

    Budget Request: DAO Leadership is requesting a budget in the amount of either:

    • $40,000 (the original request)
    • $50,000
    • $65,000

    Any amount above the approved threshold would be subject to an additional community vote.

    Timeline: Activities related to the Vision will take place over a six month period, from January 2021 to June 2021.

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