Elastic Vault: Start Spreading the News

Since our last update, we have made significant progress on our upcoming Elastic Vault, which will enable Ample holders to hedge against negative rebases and earn yield.

Our internal elastic vault smart contract testing process is nearly complete, and the UX/UI has been finalized. After testing is complete the auditing phase will begin.

Right now, we’d love for our wonderful community to start helping to spread the word about the upcoming Elastic Vault!

To help, we have developed a landing page (pictured below) that summarizes the elastic vault and features a brief teaser video. Click the landing page’s “Share on Twitter” link to share news about the Elastic Vault.

To access the landing page and teaser video, please click here.

Incoming: H1 2021 AmpleSense DAO Report

We’re also working on our H1 2021 report, which will feature details about DAO activities (mainly development of the Elastic Vault, DAO financials and other information). These reports provide the community with transparency into the DAO’s activities. We will release the H1 2021 report in a few weeks.

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