DAO Community Rewards Update: NFT and Elastic Vault Yield Token Airdrops; kMPL/ETH LP Incentives


  • Zeus and Apollo NFT airdrops scheduled to take place by April 30, 2021.
    • All ~115 unique wallets staking in the Apollo kGeyser on April 16, 2021 will receive Apollo NFTs (Further onchain analysis revealed that 96 unique wallets were staked on this date.)
    • Random selection of Zeus kGeyser stakers (unique wallets staking on April 1, 2021) will receive Zeus NFTs
  • Prior to Elastic Vault launch, Pioneer Fund II kMPL stakers will receive vault yield token airdrop
  • kMPL/ETH liquidity providers will receive ongoing token rewards via our Pioneer Vault III program

Today, we are pleased to provide the community with an update on our planned NFT distribution (associated with our kGeyser initiative), upcoming Elastic Vaults-related yield token airdrop and the Pioneer Fund rewards program.

Pioneer NFT Airdrop Update

Our original plan was to airdrop Zeus and Apollo NFT tokens to a random selection of kGeyser program stakers when total kMPL/ETH liquidity reached more than $1 million.

However, that goal was not met, so we have decided to modify the distribution program as follows:

  • Zeus NFTs: We have 25 NFTs left to distribute. A random selection of Zeus kGeyser participants (unique wallets staking on April 1, 2021) will receive NFTs, utilizing the criteria outlined here.
  • Apollo NFTs: We have 126 NFTs left to distribute. These NFTs will be distributed to unique wallets staking in the Apollo kGeyser on April 16, 2021. (Our preliminary analysis indicated that ~115 unique wallets were staking at this time, although this number will be re-confirmed prior to the airdrop. Note: Further onchain analysis revealed that 96 unique wallets were staked in the Apollo kGeyser on the snapshot date.) Any remaining NFTs will be utilized for marketing/promotion activities.)

The NFT airdrop will be completed by April 30, 2021. (As usual, we will release details of wallets receiving claim tokens [ZNFTClaim, ANFTClaim] that can be burned to mint the Zeus and Apollo NFTs.)

Upcoming Pioneer Fund Vault II Yield Token Airdrop for kMPL Stakers

Prior to the launch of our upcoming Elastic Vault, a portion of the initial supply of the vault yield token will be airdropped to all individuals staking kMPL in our new Pioneer Fund II vault (Note: Pioneer Fund II has not yet been launched).

Note that the Elastic Vault token will only be airdropped individuals staking kMPL in Pioneer Fund II.

The timing of the airdrop is dependent on the development progress related to our Elastic Vault, which is currently nearing audit. kMPL holders will be able to stake their tokens into Pioneer Fund II (and claim the yield token airdrop) prior to the launch of the Elastic Vault.

Pioneer Fund Vault III Token Rewards

We appreciate that the community has provided valuable kMPL/ETH liquidity on Uniswap. After the Elastic Vault launches, kMPL/ETH liquidity providers will be able to stake their Uniswap LP tokens in Pioneer Fund Vault III.

Those staking LP tokens in this vault will receive ongoing rewards from our Elastic Vault and other programs/applications launched by the DAO in the future.

Note: Individuals staking kMPL/ETH tokens in the Apollo kGeyser are free to continue doing so until kMPL bonus rewards are exhausted.

Learn More About the Pioneer Fund

We have updated the Pioneer Fund program description to reflect the updated and expanded community rewards plan. View the new overview by clicking here.

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