Bonus EEFI Rewards for kMPL/ETH Stakers; EEFI Airdrop Reminder

Some community members have been asking about additional incentives for kMPL/ETH liquidity, and we’ve decided upon a strategy that we’re announcing today.

We will be allocating ~500 Elastic Finance Tokens (EEFI) in bonus rewards to kMPL/ETH vault stakers over a 5-6 month period.

Importantly, this will increase estimated kMPL/ETH EEFI staking rewards by 100%+.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. We will track how many EEFI rewards have been distributed to kMPL/ETH stakers over a monthly period
  2. We will then make an EEFI deposit into the kMPL/ETH vault that increases their rewards by 100% over the month.

    For example, if during April 2022, kMPL/ETH stakers received 70 EEFI in rewards, we will deposit an additional 70 EEFI into the kMPL/ETH vault.

Bonus EEFI rewards for kMPL/ETH stakers will begin in late March 2022.

Reminder About Completing the “Deposit” Transaction on the kMPL Vault

We’ve heard from some community members that the kMPL they deposited is not showing up on the Elastic Vault interface.

If this is happening to you, please make sure that you complete both transactions required to deposit into the vault: Approve and Deposit.

As a reminder, the EEFI airdrop to kMPL vault stakers is scheduled to occur after March 18. Deposit your kMPL here.

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