Becoming an AmpleSense DAO Member

As outlined in the AmpleSense DAO governance documentation, the organization has a dual-governance structure.

ASDAO Founders and DAO Members sit at the decision-making level of the DAO:

  • ASDAO Founders: The team that conceived and launched the DAO
  • ASDAO Members: No more than 30 individuals who have contributed to the ASDAO Treasury and received voting tokens from the DAO
    • Two Member positions are reserved for community members via the Community Spirit program. These are community members with demonstrated ability to provide value to the community and Ampleforth Ecosystem (the application and seating process for Community Spirit Members will be outlined in the future)

DAO Members ratify all ASDAO decisions. Ratification requires voting tokens, which are held by DAO Founders and Members. Decisions ratified by DAO leadership include governance structure, budget allocations and transactions.

Importantly, DAO Members receive voting (and ratification and oversight powers) in exchange for their contribution to the DAO Treasury. Member contributions (and all Treasury funds) are used to support the DAO’s mission and operations. The DAO’s bylaws outline how Treasury funds are managed.

As outlined in the DAO’s bylaws, becoming a member requires a multi-step process. The first is for potential members to fill out an application form, which appears below. A DAO Founder will respond to your application.

Before filling out this application, potential Members are asked to:

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