Apollo Rises! – How to Participate in the Second kGeyser Liquidity Program

The Apollo kGeyser is the second of two liquidity programs that is being used to distribute kMPL tokens to the community. Here’s how to take part.

What is kMPL?

KiloAmple (kMPL) is a multi-purpose asset, with a maximum supply of 50,000 tokens, developed by the AmpleSense DAO.

kMPL has a number of use cases and benefits including:

  • Governance: Shape the DAO’s Agenda
    kMPL holders will shape the DAO’s priorities, initiatives and activities via community voting. 
  • Air Drops: Benefit from Successful DAO-Funded Projects
    kMPL holders who vote on AmpleSense DAO initiatives will receive exclusive air drops of tokens from projects the DAO funds (if the project has a token).
  • Token Rewards: Wherever possible, DAO-initiated special projects will include opportunities for kMPL holders to earn token rewards in exchange for providing services such as additional governance.
  • Finance: kMPL Elastic Vaults Featuring Ample
    The AmpleSense DAO will develop “elastic vaults” that provide depositors with the opportunity to earn from various yield farming and liquidity mining programs featuring Ample (and other select elastic assets). kMPL holders will earn fees from elastic vaults.
  • Borrowing: kMPL-Backed Ample Loans
    The AmpleSense DAO will launch a special lending platform where kMPL holders will be able to borrow other assets, including Ample, by collateralizing kMPL.

Why Participate in the kGeyser Program?

The AmpleSense DAO is distributing 73% of the total 50,000 kMPL supply to the community via the Zeus and Apollo kGeysers.

The kGeysers provide the community with the opportunity to access a token that will help them shape the future of the Ampleforth protocol and elastic finance, and receive a number of benefits from projects initiated by the DAO.

How does kMPL compare to other governance tokens?

kMPL is more similar to YFI (yearn.finance) in terms of how it will be embedded into a range of DAO-funded initiatives (and generate token rewards for holders) versus a token like UNI, which is mainly designed to aid governance of one protocol (i.e., Uniswap).

How to Participate in the Apollo kGeyser

You can start participating in the Apollo kGeyser by following the steps outlined in the image below.

Important Links:

  • kGeysers: Click here (If you are participating in the Zeus kGeyser, remove your LP tokens from the Geyser to receive kMPL tokens.)
  • Add Liquidity to the kMPL/AMPL Uniswap v2 Pool: Click here (You’ll need to have AMPL and kMPL in your wallet to add to the pool.
  • Buy kMPL: Click here (Note: Liquidity at this time is extremely limited, but will improve as kMPL/AMPL liquidity tokens are generated.)

Tip: To earn maximum rewards:

  • Stake more kMPL/AMPL liquidity tokens
  • Stake early
  • Stake for a long period of time

Click here for information about the Zeus kGeyser.

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  1. Nicely explained. I haven’t earned enough Kmpls as of yet to make it worthwhile so will have to wait a while longer before I can use Apollo unless someone wants to sell me their Kmpls cheap lol. It will be interesting to see what price they’ll go for.