AmpleSense Progress Proposal Format / Details


What Are AmpleSense Progress Proposals?

AmpleSense Progress Proposals (APPs) are projects, initiatives, vision statements and other types of proposals that are presented for approval to be officially enacted and or funded by the DAO.

The first step in APP development is for a question about an “idea” to be posted to the Idea Incubator, in the required format.

Ideas must be discussed in the Idea Incubator before being developed into AmpleSense Progress Proposals. These conversations will help to improve and refine ideas before they are developed into APPs, which will be voted on by community members (and DAO Founders and Members if they secure enough community support).

APPs are eligible approval for funding by the community via the community’s voting dapp, (after final review and ratification by the DAO’s leadership). In general:

  • Individuals will be invited (based on how the community reacts to their idea submission) to develop an APP. If necessary, DAO leadership will provide guidance to help APP developers refine their content prior to publication; APPs cannot be submitted by individual community members without an invitation from DAO leadership.
  • APPs are not produced unless they are going to be scheduled for a vote
  • Votes are scheduled based on the overall workload of the DAO, projects currently in development and based on priority areas determined by the DAO leadership team

APP Format

Follow the format below for the APP (after receiving an invitation to submit an APP by DAO leadership based on community response to your Idea Incubator submission). If any section does not apply to your APP, indicate this with an “N/A.”

APPs will be published in this forum (click here).

  • APP Title: APP-[Number]: [Descriptive Title] (See table below for listing of previously submitted APPs; use a number that is one digit higher than the previously submitted APP)
  • APP Summary: 1 sentence summarizing the APP
  • Overview: Overview of the APP’s scope and purpose (up to 200 words)
  • Rationale: Why is this APP being proposed?
  • Idea Incubator Discussion: A summary of key points raised during the Idea Incubator discussion process and your responses to dissenting opinions
  • Implementation and Deliverables: How will the APP be implemented (e.g., details of project, engineering requirements, team size and scope); include any information that will help voters have confidence in your ability to deliver on the APP; list of deliverables or outcomes associated with the APP
  • Contributors: Who will deliver on the APP, brief description of the team members and qualifications
  • Budget Request: Amount of funding being requested for implementation (if applicable)
  • Timeline: Overview of key phases of work related to the APP and estimated delivery time frames

Upcoming APP Votes, Details and History