The Zeus and Apollo kMPL kGeysers Have Been Unlocked!

KiloAmple (kMPL) is a multi-use crypto asset with a maximum supply of 50,000 tokens developed by the AmpleSense DAO. kMPL holders can participate in DAO governance — and will receive token rewards from DAO-funded projects and initiatives.

About 93% of the kMPL supply will be distributed to / used to benefit the community via two kGeysers: Zeus and Apollo (and the DAO’s Treasury). kGeysers are liquidity mining programs where stakers receive kMPL rewards for providing AMPL/ETH and kMPL/TBD liquidity on Uniswap.

The Zeus and Apollo kGeysers also feature a rebase bonus. kMPL from a special pool will be distributed daily to stakers based on Ample’s current positive or negative rebase status.

Achievements Unlocked: The AmpleSense community has come together and unlocked all four kGeyser Achievements! Well done!

Achievement 1: Spread the Word

.5 Kilo Achievement: Get 500+ Tweets, Likes and Comments on This Twitter Post (Unlocked)

Achievement 2: Grow the Community Hub

.5 Kilo Achievement: Add 500+ New Community Hub Members (Unlocked)

By joining the Community Hub you’ll receive early email notification of the kGeyser launch.

Community Hub Registrations to Date:

[supsystic-table-diagram id=’9′]

Achievement 3: Boost Community Participation

10 Kilo Achievement: The Community Earns 10,000 Coins and Gems (Unlocked)

Community Points (coins and gems) are earned by registering for the Community Hub, participating in conversations, joining groups and more (as described below).

Total Community Points Earned to Date:

Coins Awarded To Date:

Coins are awarded to community members for sharing information in the Community Hub, posting useful content and more.

Gems Awarded To Date:

Gems are awarded to community members when they register for the Community Hub, educate themselves about the DAO and engage in other activities.

Achievement 4: Increase the Community’s Knowledge

.1 Kilo Achievement: 100 Community Members
Awarded the Educated Amplifiers Badge

Educated Amplifier Badges Awarded to Date:

One of the goals of the AmpleSense DAO is to improve knowledge and understanding of the Ampleforth Ecosystem. To unlock this achievement, 100 community members must earn the Educated Amplifier Badge. Click the button below to earn this badge.