AmpleSense DAO: Key Accomplishments Since the Launch Announcement

Since our announcement of the AmpleSense DAO, the DAO founders have been hard at work standing up the organization and completing key tasks related to building the DAO’s infrastructure, governance and other key tasks.

Below is an overview of some of the DAO’s accomplishments in this area to date.

Key AmpleSense DAO Accomplishments: Late August to Late September 2020

  • Developing the DAO’s Infrastructure: Community Hub, Idea Incubator, forums, which are required to drive community conversation about ideas to grow the elastic finance/Ampleforth ecosystem and other topics
  • Developing the governance structure for the DAO in terms of community-led initiatives: Complete (Link to overview)
  • Developing the governance (plus benefits) token and its tokenomics: kMPL (KiloAmple) – Complete, official launch will occur soon
  • Developing and programming the smart contracts to drive kMPL distribution to the community (73% of the supply will be distributed via the DAO’s kGeyser programs): Complete, kGeysers will be officially announced soon
  • Engaging with the core Ampleforth development team to discuss collaboration and how they will engage with the DAO: Complete (and additional conversations in progress)

For more information about the DAO’s objectives and focus, please view our September 25 AMA.

Our next major task will be to announce the launch of the DAO formally and our first community initiative.

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